The History of Our Building

The first building was purchased in 1928 by Oscar Smith and was destroyed in August 1955 by hurricane Dianne. The current building was then quickly rebuilt that same year. It has since been flooded in 1996, 2002, 2003 and 2005 and has remained standing. The building started as a restaurant named King Cole Grove which became a local favorite. In 2006 it was converted into a liquor store which operated for a few years and has since been shut down. Then in 2020 the building received new life when it was converted into office space to host Jeff Bugge CPA. In December of 2022 with one eye on the future, the building received a new name Bugge & Company with a renewed focus of Accounting and Tax Service. This building has remained in Oscar Smith’s family for 100 years and we hope it remains that way for another 100 years

Bugge & Company LLC

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